SafBabyJPLogoTestUS4_380January 2015, P.A.I. Japan has been appointed by ”SafBaby”, a Non-Profit Organization information website advocating the health and safety of children, to manage their Asian region website, including Japan. SafBaby Japan

SafBaby’s mission statement is: To be a trusted resource, by providing in-depth information from experts selected for their knowledge, experience, integrity and dedication to the highest possible standards of holistic principles and uncompromising solutions.

To empower parents and parents-to-be to create the safest, non-toxic environments, provide optimum nourishment and utilize the most beneficial healthcare solutions at the most critical time of their child’s life…from pre-conception through childhood.

To create community and inspire a world where babies and children can once again breathe clean air, drink pure water, eat foods grown and made with care, trust that toys and products are free from harm and fully thrive in body, mind, spirit and soul.

To heighten awareness and impart wisdom that will nurture and enhance our children’s lives for generations to come.

SafBaby Japan believes that a safe, healthy child life, is the best gift to each child’s future. We are not only providing the Japanese version of all information from U.S.; we are also bringing you local information and introducing products from within Japan to help all parents create a safe, healthy living environment for their children.